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Science Earrings

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Petri Dish earrings with tiny acrylic microbes. Laser cut in acrylic.
Asymmetrical Bacteria and Virus Laser Cut Acrylic Earrings closeup.
Laser Cut Acrylic Resistor Earrings with Black Ohm Earring Toppers.
Dark Brown Trilobite Faux Fossil Earrings from Laser Cur Acrylic.
Laser Cut Acrylic HorseShoe Magnet Earrings. Blue, Red and Silver.
Blue and Black Total Solar Eclipse earrings. Laser cut in acrylic.
Laser cut wood and acrylic moon phase earrings.
Glittery light blue and pink acrylic earrings with an etched crystalline design being modelled.
Laser cut crystal design earrings in galactic dark glittery acrylic. Image shows range of design variations available to choose from.
Black and white bucky ball earrings in laser cut acrylic. Chemistry earrings for Science lovers.
Laser cut acrylic Pluto Earrings showing Tombaugh Regio.
Laser Cut Acrylic Meiosis Earrings. Black and Pink Round Asymmetrical Earrings Depicting Cell Division.
Laser cut acrylic statement cube earrings in pink colourway.
Laser Cut Acrylic Water Molecule Earrings. Ball and Stick Molecule with Oxygen and Hydrogen Atoms. Blue Colourway.
Laser Cut Acrylic Clear Conical Flask Earrings with Red Heart Earring Toppers. Chemistry Glassware Earrings.
Laser Cut Acrylic Clear Beaker Earrings with Red Heart Earring Toppers. Chemistry Glassware Earrings.
Laser Cut Acrylic Asymmetrical Gold and Silver Perodic Table Earrings. Gold (Au() in Gold Toned Acrylic. Silver (Ag) in Silver Toned Acrylic.
Sold Out
Laser Cut Acrylic Neon Periodic Table Earrings. Clear Orange/Pink Acrylic with silver glitter earring toppers.
Black and Clear Acrylic Physics Force Earrings up Close.
Blue and Orange DNA Acrylic Earrings being modelled.
Laser Cut Acrylic Brain MRI Earrings in Black and White.
Pink Acrylic Asymmetrical Earth Worm Earrings hanging from Green Leaf Toppers.
Laser Cut Acrylic Colour Wheel Earrings closeup.
Laser Cut Acrylic Pink Heart Earrings with STEM inside. Pink Glitter Earring Toppers.
Laser Cut Acrylic Large Statement Impossible Cube Earrings in Greyscale Tones.